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Title Proper use and care of colored lenses (How to use saline solution)
Posted by Kosmeshop (ip:)
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  • Date 2019-10-22 01:59:36
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Colored lenses are specially treated by applying color to the surface of contact lenses.
As the surface treatment is added, lens wear and oxygen transmittance are lowered, therefore it is important to manage colored lenses more carefully.
Especially if you are a lens wearer with sensitive eyes, it is essential to consult an ophthalmologist before wearing colored lenses.
All the problem regarding lenses, including colored lenses, can be eliminated or alleviated by ensuring thorough lens care and proper lens wear.

First, it is important to use a multi-purpose lens care solution to maintain the process of cleaning, rinsing, disinfection, preservation and protein removal. The most important thing to keep in mind when managing contact lenses is not to misuse saline solution by using it as multi-purpose lens care solution. Currently, commercially available saline solution does not have antiseptic substance and it can be exposed to the risk of microbial inflow at the time of opening.
Use of long term saline solution after opening or taking it out to other containers, may cause adverse effects, so you have to be extra careful.

Right use of Saline Solution
Numerous contact lenses (including color contact lenses) users use saline to wash or store the lenses. Even when they feel dryness in their eyes, many people drop saline into their eyes.
Ophthalmologists say that "normal use of saline is safe, but habit of overuse is not good.” And explains “Infection might occur due to saline solution”.
Recently, the Korean government (Korea Food & Drug Administration) recommends the use of disposable cleansing saline to prevent microbial contamination of the contact lenses.
It is also recommended to keep the saline solution at low temperature after opening the saline solution.
Generally, the large saline solution sold on the market is about 1,000 ml.
If you use it for more than one week, it is very likely to be contaminated with microorganisms. Especially in summer, germs can grow more easily, so thorough management is required

We also advise you to store the saline solution in the refrigerator if possible.
This is because it can be used for a longer time in refrigerated storage than in outdoor storage.
And sometimes when your eyes are dry and you drop the saline drops directly into your eyes with contact lenses or colored lenses, but this can wash or dilute your tears and cause dry eye syndrome.
If your eyes are dry, it would be better to buy 'artificial tears' that are similar to those of human tears and drop them whenever you feel dryness in your eyes.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of people who use saline drops for eye infection. However, if you wash your eyes with saline solution, you can wash the tears, which can make the inflammation worse. (Tears are a natural antibiotic that protects your eyes, just like a strong natural antibiotic that overcomes the germs in our mouth. Do not use a lot of saline solution.) Be sure to acknowledge this point and make sure to use eye-only products.

Nowadays, instead of saline solution, wet liquid made of artificial tears is being sold. It is possible to clean contact lenses and color contact lenses just like saline, and it is being released on the market as 'artificial tears'. However, the disadvantage is that it is more expensive than saline solution.

The proper way to clean the Contact Lens (Color Contact Lens)
The proper way to clean contact lens (color contact lens)! Let's clean out the unwanted substances and protein in contact lens.
Customers who purchase contact lenses often ask us questions about cleaning methods.
Besides, there are not many customers who knows how to clean lens properly.
It was very surprising for us.
So we will post about the proper method to clean contact lens. We would like you to know that proper cleaning makes wearing lens much more comfortable.

The importance of cleaning lens.
Why do you have to clean lens?

When you wear a contact lens for a long time, you can see substance on the surface of the lens and that is protein.
Your 'tears' makes protein stick to your contacts.
However, since contact lenses are in close contact with the eyes all day long, it is natural that the proteins are deposited when worn for a long time.
However, many customers wearing contact lenses do wash contacts, but they put them directly into the lens case after use.
This means that the wearer will feel uncomfortable when wearing a lens contaminated with deposits, that reduce vision and become a major cause of lens deformation and eye disease.
Cleaning lens is not an option but is a must.

That's why we will explain how to clean contact lenses (color contact lenses).

1) The first thing you need to do is to clean your hands and be sure to use soap before removing contact lenses from your eyes. And water must be thoroughly wiped.
This step prevents contamination of contact lenses by bacteria.

2) Place the contact lens removed from the eye on the palm and drop 2 ~ 3 drops of the solution (saline or wetting solution).

3) Slowly rub the front and back of the contact lens so that proteins and other substances deposited on the contact lens surface can be washed away.
(If you rub it hard, the contact lens may be damaged, so rub it lightly.)

4) Discard the solution used for cleaning, then drop the solution once more, and rinse the contact lens one more time and store in the case.
5) It is better to clean your cleaned contacts once more before wearing them.

It seems like a very long step, but it is very easy and less time-consuming when you try these steps.
Do not forget that little care keeps your eyes healthy.

The color contact lenses sold in our eye contact lenses only deal with products that have passed the test of the international and Korean government tests. (Genuine brand)
To prove safety and quality of products, several companies have been promoting color lenses worn by Kpop idols. Like the Lens Diva's Wanna One, Olen's Black Pink, Lens Town's Monster X, and the Lens BTS contact lens that will be launched in February 2019 - this is to promote product quality, safety, and authenticity.
Kpop Idol has not yet been advertising model for color contact lenses for overseas brand.
We advise you not to be blinded by the cheap price products using Kpop idols as their models.

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