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Title Contact lens and color contact lens
Posted by Kosmeshop (ip:)
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  • Date 2019-10-22 02:03:30
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The importance of our eyes in our body is prominent. We will not be able to do everything by ourselves without the eyesight.
The most common methods of correcting vision are through contact lenses and glasses.
In the case of a healthy person, if the vision deteriorates, it is important to find appropriate lens with the help of a professional.
In what situations does a contact lens fit?
When the difference in visual acuity between both eyes is large,
in the case of near-sighted eyes with bad eyesight,
in the case of corneal astigmatism which is difficult to correct vision with glasses,
People who have difficulty in wearing glasses in their jobs,
and due psychological purpose and confidence, people wear contact lenses.
Contact lenses are difficult to wear when you are wearing it for the first time,
A contact lens would be ideal.
For athletes and people living in polluted environments such as the dust, 
because lenses have no risk of breakage due to their special purpose, ensuring a wide field of vision, relieving discomfort caused by sweat.

Color contact lenses are designed to be used as cosmetic and sensory factors by changing the iris color of the human eye by applying a color to a normal contact lens.
However, unlike normal contact lenses, color contact lenses are used to enhance the beauty of the eyes by applying color to the middle or edge of the lens. As a result, the oxygen circulation in the eye is lower the normal contact lenses, therefore must take precautions while wearing them.
It should be worn for beauty purposes rather than correcting vision. Therefore, the time of wear should be shorter than normal lenses. But you do not have to worry too much about it. If you get familiar with the information written by our eye color contacts online shop, and keep the time and regulation for color contacts wear, you can continuously upgrade your eye beauty.

Contact (soft) lens selection method

When choosing a contact lens, you should choose a product that is comfortable to wear and is comfortable in your eyes. Depending on the application, the criteria for selection is slightly different, but a good contact lens, must first be optically good, and the refractive error must be completely corrected. It should be made of the closest material to the cornea and should be gas permeable to facilitate the supply of oxygen and carbon dioxide. There should be no complications due to various side effects and contamination.

The Best Contact Lens
- Make sure you have enough corrected vision for your academic or everyday tasks.
- There should be no side effects, and above all, eyes should be comfortable.
- You should be able to wear for as long as possible and your vision should not get worse anymore.

In order to satisfy this condition,
- Make an accurate prescription: so that you will know your exact vision and prepare for it.

- Choosing the right lens: If you interpret the Korean proverb, the price of the human body is $ 1,000.00 and the price of the eye is $ 900.00. That is why the role of eyes is very important. One day if you can’t see your loving family, the beauty of nature in every season and precious things, your life would be miserable.
This what we want to emphasize every time. The safest eyes are the eyes when you are not wearing anything, the eyes you initially received from your parents. The next safe thing is wearing glasses. This is because contact lenses come directly to your cornea. And for colored contact lenses, you should definitely be informed about the color pigment and who created the lens.

Please do not use products that are not well known. There are a lot of cheap low-priced products in the famous overseas sites for only $ 2 ~ $ 3, and the advertisements are packed with pictures of ~ Korean style ~ worn by K-pop celebrities.
Since we are a Korean company, we can say this confidently that those products don’t exist in Korea.
Please keep in mind that It is your body and your cornea. Do not let low - value pigments get into your eyes that are unusable for your body.
This is asking customers a favor as a seller selling contact lenses and color contact lenses.

You should also check with your doctor regularly for your eye health at least once or twice in a year.
In addition, it is important to know the correct selection and proper use of the lens care solution in order to maintain the use time of the lens, and enhance comfort even if it is worn for an extended period of time.

Please check the following list before purchasing.
1. If you have eye disease or severe allergies to the lens, please avoid wearing it.
2. Never share your lenses with others.
3. Always wash your hands thoroughly and dry them.
4. Use only your fingertips to handle the lenses. Keep your nails trimmed and clean. Never handle lenses with nails or any other sharp objects.
5. Before wearing the lens, always check whether the lens is dirty or dusty, and clean it thoroughly wirh the lens cleaning solution.
6. Do not wear them for more than 8 hrs at a time. Otherwise, rehydrate with eye drops or bring a pair of glasses out with you in case your eyes feel tired.
7. If you have eye disease or severe allergies to the lens, please avoid wearing it.
8. When using soap, shampoo, spray, cosmetics, etc., Please make sure they do not come in contact with the lens.
9. Expiration dates exist for a reason. Always ensure that your contacts and lens solution are well within their life span.
10. Wear lenses before applying cosmetics and makeup to avoid creams, powders or oily substances touching the lenses.
11. Please keep the lens in contact lens solution.
12. If you have eye disease or severe allergies to the lens, please avoid wearing it.
13. Please wear the lens before wearing make-up.

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