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Title Kosme shop bag Information
Posted by Kosmeshop (ip:)
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  • Date 2019-12-10 20:36:14
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In our online store, we have been selling handbag since 2012. Since we have hands on experience of purchasing and selecting handbag to sell, we were able to give our honest opinions.

- handbag can be sold in own brands, after legal patent of designers such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, design and produce their handbag. Then many other companies around the world modifies the design and launch to the market so that they don’t get legal issues. Later on, small handbag manufacturing companies copies the product with cheap fabric. In this order, after several copies, the cheap purchases are mass manufactured in the market. This is the flow of the handbag market.

Bags in Korea: Every country have products that they can produce well. Korea is currently attracting attention from the world of semiconductors, automobiles, shipbuilding, etc., but until the 1970s and 1980s, Korea started to develop economically by producing and manufacturing fabrics. One big city still has fabric making facilities. Thus, we are confident that the development of the fabric and its quality are high.

handbag sold in Kosme company.
The handbag sold at our online store is classified into three groups for easy understanding of cour customers. Luxury bags are over $70, mid-priced bags under $70, and cheap bags are under $30. And the purchases are classified into A, B and C grades in groups (The higher the grade, the higher the quality.)

1. Luxury bags over $70: Many products are made of natural leather (cow or lamb). It can be used for about 2 ~ 3 years, and if stored well, it can be used for longer period of time. It is enough to worn in special occasions, such as in weddings and parties. It would also be good to be a gift to your lover or family.

Grade A: Korean fabric (natural leather) is used and manufactured in Korea. Like well-known products, small quantities are produced, and in particular, manual labor occurs a lot. Thus, the unit price is high. Many manufacturing plants were manufactured in factories that make Korean bag makers such as MC *. It is made more than the ordered amount, and the rest of products are sold to road shops or markets without the manufacturer's name. In other words, the quality of the product fit the price range.

Grade B: OEM production in Thailand, Indonesia, China, etc. First of all, labor and fabric costs are lower than in Korea. But there is something important. In order for us to select a product, the CEO of the manufacturing plant must be Korean. The reason is that Korean consumers are very demanding. So if a complaint occurs, it must me fixed or A/S has to be made. Even in OEM production, it is first checked whether the CEO is Korean.

Grade C: Have you ever experienced this? Have you ever bought natural leather but have a quality that is worse than synthetic leather? Why would it be bad when it is natural leather? This is because these leathers collect the remaining leathers, turn them into a grinder, cut them very small, and then compress them again to make leather fabrics. To be precise, natural leather is right. But the quality is worse than synthetic leather. But don't worry. Our online shop never handles C grades.

2. Intermediate handbag under $70: The difference between cheap products under $30 is the difference in fabric. It is classified as an intermediate price according to how much it is made by hand. Most are done in small quantities, not in mass production. (The fabric is synthetic leather, not genuine leather, but the quality of the fabric and the bag are very good.) You can use it for about 1 year. This product is also classified as grade A, B, C and is the same as above (refer to grade description above) Our online shop does not deal with C grade in medium handbag.

3. Affordable bags under $30: Don't think the quality is bad because the price is cheap. The $30 products are not cheap products. However, the quality of the fabric is slightly lower than the expensive handbag. It is just lowering the price by mass production. This product is also manufactured by Korean manufacturer (Grade A) or OEM (Grade B) and checked whether the CEO is Korean. We checked the products ourselves, and only products with quality for the price range were selected. This product is good to be used for 6 months ~ 1 year.

4. Understand the low-cost bags (including shipping from $ 7 to $ 10) on eBay Amazon, etc.
We do not purchase products wholesale to resell in markets such as China. Of course, the higher the price, there are many good products in the Chinese market. But the key point is that there's no cheap, good product (We are not criticizing a certain country). On eBay and Amazon, there are many products that are sold at $ 7 to $ 10 including shipping. Of course, the product doesn’t look bad from the detail page. In fact, when you receive the product, you might think that it is well made at a low price.

However, there is a tremendous secret here. You may feel the chemical smells from the fabric. You may experience a chemical smell that gives you a headache (a chemical smell caused by the paint that colors the fabric). Why? This is because the more the products are copied-copied-copied-copied, the price has to be lower to make the product. This is because the process of coloring the fabric was deleted in the middle of manufacturing process. It is also because it is dyed at a low price. In the past, we also bought $ 1,000 bag samples. I have a painful memory (through a representative in the Chinese market) and have all received and discarded the product (due to a terrible chemical smell). (The products can not be returned.) We have classified these product as Grade C and do not sell it in the online shop.

Visit the handbag shop <= click

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