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Title COVID19- Current status of the virus in Korea (March 16, 2020)
Posted by Kosmeshop (ip:)
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  • Date 2020-03-17 01:44:11
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Many overseas customers of our online shop are giving concern and encouragement towards COVID19 virus in Korea, and also concerning about buying a product.

We will try to answer this question through this blog post.

The first COVID19 occurred in Korea on 20 January 2020. From February 22, after entering the number raised to 100s, the pseudo-religious “Shincheonji” a cult that imitated Christianity was mass infected as they were traveling to and from China. The infection number per day raised to 900s but as of March 15, the number has dropped to 76. We show respect to the people of Korea who have actively cooperated with the government's long fight against the virus.

South Korea will have a parliamentary election on April 15, 2020. If COVID19 is not controlled, it is natural that the opposition party will win the election.

Before COVID19 became popular in Korea (when there already were many patients in China), the Medical Association in Korea warned the government several times to control Chinese entry, but South Korea still has not banned entry into any country except Japan. Due to the national image. The Korean people were very upset by these measures. People criticized the government and started asserting even the impeachment of the president.

As of March 16, however, many countries abroad are asking South Korean president to share his countermeasures and know-how against COVID19. Although the pain followed, it was evaluated that the measures Korea took against the virus was appropriate. In the United States, France, as well as more than 10 countries in the America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, have requested advice from the Korea Centers for Disease Control for the diagnosis systems, infection control, and treatment centers. In addition, BBC, Washington Post, and Reuters highly rated Korea's quarantine. In the US Congressional Hearing, US was amazed by Korea's inspection ability and mortality rate of 0.9%, total inspection cases 250,000 cases, daily inspection volume, announcement of 15,000 ~ 20,000 confirmed cases, and the operation of drive-through testing program.

Drive-through testing clinic?

Patients can receive a diagnosis, fever check, and sample collection through the window while in the car. The risk of transmission is minimized by minimizing contact between medical staff and patients, and testing time is reduced from 1 hour to 10 minutes. This allowed up to 15,000 COVID 19 tests per day.

Is the COVID19 virus scary?

First, there are no vaccines to date.

Second, unlike the cold, that is contagious when there are symptoms, this virus can be spread even when there are no symptoms.

Third, in many cases, young healthy people are ill as if they had a cold, and then they are cured naturally.

However, although there is no cure, the key idea is that if it is found early, it can prevent the spread of the virus to the lungs to some extent. After that, the immune system heals the body <= Korea's mortality rate (0.9% in Korea and average 3.4% in the world) is significantly lower than in other countries as a result of screening many patients in the early stages. We appreciate this measure.

Over 250,000 testings were conducted.

The COVID19 diagnostic kit was sufficient.

The diagnostic kit that was made to export to China before COVID19 happened in Korea were quickly released in Korea. First of all, the “Shincheonji” believers in the Gyeongbuk area of ​​Daegu were subject to 100% inspection. Then, the “Shincheonji” peoples’ movement routes were identified.

In Korea, the use rate of a card for payment (credit, debit) is 100%, because everyday life would not be possible without a card. Everyone has cell phones as well. The number of CCTVs per population is the highest in the world. (Because the land is small ^^ :)

Therefore, the government secured the traffic data for a few days from the credit card, mobile phone location tracking, and CCTV of people who have been positively diagnosed from the COVID19test. They were quarantined at their homes and even patients without symptoms were tested.

Medical insurance benefits also played a role.

Every Korean must join medical insurance. The government pays 70-90% of the hospital bill and charges only 10-30% of patients.

For COVID19 testing $150 were charged to the patients and the government paid the rest. And when the patient was positive, $150 was exempted. In addition, until the treatment is completed, the entire cost of treatment is paid by the country, and living expenses are also partially compensated.

If so why? Are there more COVID19 diagnoses in Korea?

This was because people were infected by believers who went to China for the pseudo-religious cult called “Sincheonji”, which has headquarters in Daegu, Korea. Most of them are Shinchonji followers and more than 80% of Korean cases are related to Shinchonji. Korea has freedom of religion, but this pseudo religion is unlikely to be left alone by the Korean people. “Sincheonji” devastated Daegu (Daegu is a city in Gyeongsangbuk-do) and Gyeongsangbuk-do (Gyeongbuk).

Some countries think that there are many countries that are not active in testing and hide the results to save their image. Japan, Korea's neighbor, has 2.5 times more population compared to Korea. When Korea had fewer than 100 COVID19 cases, Japan had already exceeded 700. Japan's population is 2.5 times larger than Korea's, but the test volume is not even one tenth of that of Korea. Why is this?! Korea has been treated as a virus from numerous countries because they were being honest. And many countries banned entry of Koreans. Isn't this strange! We had 10 to 30 times the inspection volume than other countries. We will leave this answer to your imagination.

Witch hunting

Koreans do not forgive selfish people. Once exposed to the Internet or media, the people are not allowed to be left alone. In just a few days, you'll hear the insults you will have for life. This is why suicide rate of Korean celebrities is high. That is why they tend to be careful not to become witches themselves. Except for some witches, people are well controlled (Daegu, Gyeongbuk people were very restrained from moving to another city. Why? Once you move, you are already a witch.)

Current Situation

As of March 15, the number of new confirmed patients in Korea fell to 10-20% (76 people) of the number in the past. The number of people discharged from the hospital is higher than the number of confirmed patients. Still, the government says they will try with vigilance until the number reaches zero.

Italy and some other countries in Europe, and United States are beginning to fight COVID19. During the past month, when Korea was struggling with COVID19, Europe and United States did not prevent Koreans from entering, which is very thankful. As there a lot of old people and it hurts us to see a high mortality rate in other countries. We pray to all the gods we know for disappearance of COVID19 on Earth.

This is a question many customers ask. Is it safe to buy a product in your online market?

Korea and Gyeonggi-do, where half of the Korean population lives, are not seriously affected by COVID19. The government is taking good measures (The number of confirmed patients in Daegu and Gyeongbuk is 82% of those in Korea. The distance from us is about 400km. Daegu and Gyeongbuk is also rapidly finding stability.)

Tip: The COVID19 virus cannot survive outside the human body. It is said that the virus disappears mostly, outside the human body within 2-3 hours (up to 9-12 hours of survival in the metal parts). It also disappears as soon as it contacts alcohol. Because of this, our company is obliged to sterilize twice daily.

Products are shipped safely. Recently, several countries have banned Koreans from entering the country, thus the cargo planes have been reduced. In such a country, there is a slight delay, but in Europe, Canada, and the United States, the delivery is normal without delay.

It is also known that the difference in infectivity between those who wear masks and those who do not is 400 times. Be sure to wear a mask when going out. In Korea, people are treated as a virus if they go out without wearing a mask.

name : Ahn Cheol-soo [March 7, 2020 Daegu Dongsan Hospital]

He was a candidate for the president of Korea three years ago. Even now, he is a politician.
His past job was a doctor of medicine. He was also a businessman.
(CEO of computer virus eradication company)
When the COVID19 incident occurred, he began volunteering
in Daegu for 15 days. (He had a doctor's license to treat the patient himself.)
I applaud his efforts. I sincerely thank you. (__)

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